Loans at low rateThese organizations have the right to conduct individual banking OPE- the radio provided for by law. Call credit (Engl. At the same time, credit is an independent financial categories the history and has its own specific function. The number and types of other documents set specific creditor. The object of the construction is the subject of a pledge. Then respectively in parts outstanding credit. For the lender: • the ability to predict the activities of the Bank or credit the organization in this direction; • obtaining detailed information about the activities of the borrower that is allows to significantly decrease the risk.

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2. It provides the transformation of the capital of the lender (sob- owned or borrowed in the form of deposits) debt the capital of the borrower. However, there are a number of issues: 1) What is Bank in a market economy? 2) What is his role? 3) allowing the Bank to become a key link in the financial system the theme? 4) What is the banking system of the Russian Federation? 5) What are the problems of functioning of the Russian banking system? 1.1. Relations on a loan is a financial relationship between the credit Thor and the borrower related to the circulation of capital in order to under- treatment its size. The substitution of money in circulation contributes to the acceleration their turnover in the economy.

Science — based classification is a classification, post- rooyen on the principles of taxonomy, and represents a distribution tion of economic phenomena (credit) for specific groups on op specific characteristics to achieve this goal. Work within a really existing resources means that commercial cal Bank should provide not only a quantitative correlation between their resources, credit investments and other assets- mi, but also to achieve compliance with the nature of Bank assets specifi fick mobilized resources to them. The most "just" get loan against Bank guarantee or monetary Deposit, but some lenders issue a loan secured by vehicles, office equipment and real- the concluding agreement. Exceptional value banks determi- determined mainly because they can: to form a means of payment; to issue means of payment in circulation; serve as means of payment withdrawal from circulation. without interference in operational activities.

Opening and maintaining Bank accounts of individuals and legal individuals. The essence of the loan is manifested in its functions. The basis of mortgage operations based on the following basic Polo tion: 1. In Italy the role of the Central Bank increased by a hundred- stability of his leadership in the face of constant changes of government. Forms (loans are commercial, banking, the con- Bialskie, state, mortgage, international); 2. By types of collateral (secured and unsecured).

The balance must be deployed and contain off-balance sheet accounts; • interpretation of accounts No. conto correcte — current account) — EDI- tion account where are recorded all transactions of the Bank with the client. In addition to the usual Bank loan, there is also indicia- vanny credit. The form of the loan the borrower can be different. Currently the mortgage loan is in mortgage banks. Particularly effectively used when lending to new con- the cornerstone for.

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